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Social Media Integration in Ashford, Kent

Lego men illustrating social media integration - Adam Grannell Web Design, Ashford, Kent

Embed RSS/Atom Feed Content in Your Website.

Adam will integrate social media into your website or WordPress® website by emedding the RSS Feeds from any of your social media accounts direct into your website.

Social media RSS Feeds can be styled and formatted to blend into the style of your website to make them part of your website.

Your website will display authentic social media icons and badges.

Adam can also help you create your very own Facebook® business pages and Google® My Business pages using any logos and artwork that you wish designed or that you want used.

Social Media Integration £5.83 per month (£70 per annum)

  • Embeds the RSS Feed of your social media accounts.
  • Customized styleing and formating
  • Seamless integration
  • Multiple blogs and social media
  • Works Wordpress® or HTML Websites
  • Includes: Twitter®, Facebook®, Wordpress®, Instagram® and Pinterest® and more.