Mobile website optimisation for mobile websites and apps

In this article we look at some methods for optimising your website and apps for the mobile search engines. These include mobile focused keyword research, mobile sitemaps and app store optimisation for website apps.

In addition to mobile optimisation best practices discussed in the previous article you should also look at optimisation of your website.

Keyword research that focuses on mobiles

Keyword research is essential for SEO and just as important here. You can try using different keywords for website or app to differentiate it from the desktop version.
There are a variety of keyword research tools including Google’s own keyword planner.

These tools should provide you with information on the trending mobile keywords for your niche and help you focus on which ones to use.


Keeping your website up to date is an essential part of SEO. If your website uses responsive design technology you can submit a regular sitemap to the search engines so that they are aware of your updates.

If you have a separate mobile website as well as a desktop version, you should create a mobile XML sitemap to indicate to the search engines that your website serves mobile content.

You can create one by hand as with normal sitemaps or you can use a generator. Be ware in both cases that the specification for mobile XML sitemaps must be correct.

App Store Optimisation

Latest stats show that 63% of app downloads come through app store searches. These means you need to optimise your app for higher positions in app stores like Google Play for Android or Apple's iTunes for iOS.


You can do this by the following methods;

  1. Putting keywords in the app title. Make them meaningful and helpful for the app user, i.e. don’t stuff it full of keywords.
  2. Putting keywords in app description text
  3. Using a nice icon picture. A picture will help increase downloads rather than no image.
  4. List your app in the correct app type and app category. This is an obvious one. If you app is in the wrong type or category, your audience will not find it easily.
  5. You can use Google+ plugins on your app page. Remember that +1’s help you rank in Google Play.