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Boost your Google ranking position

Boost your Google ranking position - Adam Grannell Web Design

Google Ranking Boost | £50 per month (£540 per annum - Save 2 months)

Get included in Google in 48 hours

"Google it" has become a phrase in the English language for using search engines. Submitting your website to Google is what most people think of first when they think about search engine optimization and submission. Many website administrators also find that the quality of traffic from Google can be superior to the traffic from other search engines.

How this will help improve your Google ranking position?

This service requires about two to three days to setup. After this your website will be submitted to Google and it will achieve a prominent ranking position within 48 hours. Also included is a monthly submission to Yahoo and MSN.

With each monthly submission 5 new high quality back links will be created for your website and each month thereafter.

Your ranking position in Google will visibly increase gradually over three to six months because your website will have an increasing number of quality links pointing back to your website after monthly submissions to many new directories related to your website and its subject.

This strategy maintains a quality ranking position in Google's search engine results pages or SERPs, and will help to increase your ranking because Google's search engine algorithm uses back links to measure the importance and credibility of your website. In addition, by regularly adding new inbound links to your web pages, search engine spiders are likely to visit your website more often.

Regular Reporting

Each month you will recieve a complimentary report listing how many links directories your website is listed in and a list of directory web address for the month.


  • Google inclusion in 48 hours begins once the inclusion service is set up and has been completed (usually within two-three business days).
  • Websites with redirects, duplicate/affiliate content or other crawling issues may take longer.