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Basic Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO, Adam Grannell Web Design, Ashford, Kent

Basic Search Engine Optimisation | £65 per month (£780 per annum)

Get your website optimization started with Basic SEO.  This affordable solution means you can have professional website optimization without the expensive price tag.  

Basic SEO covers all of your website's search engine optimization requirements in order to gradually increase your position in the natural search engine listings. Results should be seen within three to six months.

Main Features:

  • Keyword Analysis to find the right keywords for your website
  • Optimization of the website to implement the keywords into your website
  • Link building bringing 5 valuable and relevant back links to your website
  • Google listing in 48 hours. Find out more >>
  • Regular Reporting

Keyword Analysis

Keyword phrases are crucial for the entire optimization process and choosing the right keywords is essential so that your website is found and visited. The first step will be a keyword analysis to find them and get them right first time! 

Optimization of website

Once these keywords are found they will be used to optimize the following parts of your web pages to increase your code's keyword density

  • meta tags,
  • title tags,
  • description tags
  • keyword tags.
  • image ALT tags
  • text link Tags!

For more information see Search Engine Best Practices >>

Link Building

Google and other search engines use incoming links, also called back links, to your website to measure the importance and credibility of your website. Each link to your website acts like a vote, the more sites voting for your website, the more prominent Google will rank your website.

Each month Basic SEO reinforces your website ranking by creating five category based back links for your website.incoming links. These will help to boost the organic ranking of your website across Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Get included in Google in 48 hours

Google is the undoubted king of search engines. Inclusion in Google is vital for website success which is why Basic SEO includes Google inclusion in 48 hours. Find out more >>


  • Google inclusion in 48 hours begins once the inclusion service is set up and has been completed (usually within 2-3 business days).
  • Websites with redirects, duplicate or affiliate content are unsuitable for this service.

Each month you will recieve a complimentary report listing all the activity for the month.

Also recommended

It is also recommended to blog regularly, create unique content such as articles and videos and either post these online via websites like ezine-articles (recommended) or youtube.

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