SEO best practices – Author Rank

In this article we will look at the author rank. We will look at what author rank is, the likely impact, factors that may determine it, and how to start building your author rank.

SEO will be changing yet again this year as Google prepares to roll out Author Rank.
This is making big news in SEO circles and also causing mass panic and opportunities for SEO experts to shove quick fix products into the market.

What is Author Rank?

Google define Author rank as the following;

"The name of the writer can be used to influence the ranking of web search results by indicating the writer responsible for a particular content piece … Assuming that a given writer has a high reputational score, representing an established reputation for authoring valuable content, then additional content authored and signed by that writer will be promoted relative to unsigned content or content from less reputable writers in search results"

What is the impact likely to be?

The impact is likely to be significant as Google will add author rank to their algorithm in addition to pushing towards social media, measuring site trust and devaluing raw links as ranking factors.

The roll out of author rank will not suddenly destroy website like the panda and penguins have done, but websites that have been steadily building author rank for their website contributors are going to have a major advantage over those that have not prepared.

What factors will determine author rank?  

Here are just some of the factors that may be used to determine author rank.

How to Start Building Your Author Rank?

Building your author rank is quite easy and does require a little code but it is not as difficult as some SEO experts make out and there is no need to use software to do this either.