The importance of customer feedback

In this article we examine the importance of customer feedback. We look at why it is an important part of your business. We also look how it can be of benefits to your business.

Customer feedback is extremely important

It is an extremely important part of your business whether it is a big business or just a small business. Your customers should be at the heart of your business and their feedback can be an excellent way to help you better understand your customers, show you are in tune with your customers, show you what you are doing right and what you may be doing wrong, collect honest opinions about the products and services provided by those who use them and how you can improve them.

Satisfied customers will be more likely to recommend your products and services when they for example get products delivered on time, enjoy an excellent evening at a restaurant, or have excellent work completed at the hands of an electrician.    

Customers who are unhappy with products or services tend to tell five or six people about their bad experiences and typically turn to social media and related forums. For example reviews of restaurants and hotels frequently appear on websites similar to tripadvisor. Such feedback can harm your reputation and cast doubt on how good your business is. You own feedback from customers allows you to remedy this.

All business will encounter problems and customers may have a bad experience because things do go wrong. Such situations can resolved when your business for example does all they can to resolve the issue. This can defuse a really bad experience into a bumpy one that is resolved and doesn’t happen again. 

Sometimes a situation is unsolvable either because the business in question has really made a mess of things or the customer is being totally unreasonable about an issue. Sometimes a customer complains because they feel they can or want to for the sake of it.

The benefits of customer feedback
There are many benefits in gaining customer feedback from your customers. Here are just some of them.

  1. Your customers feel you care about your customers and that you activity seek to bring them into your business. They feel listened to and are heard. This creates a positive feeling which is directed back to you as their supplier.
  2. Existing customers may be more likely to be loyal customers when they feel that a business truly cares about them and what they think. Changes in a business that is a result of feedback, shows that customers they are truly listened to and their opinions respected.
  3. Satisfied customers provide affirmative quotes, narratives and stories that can be used to promote your business. You can use any feedback as promotional material on your website home page, product pages and as suggestions next to your feedback form.
  4. A business that is willing to receive feedback and listen to it, the word spreads and more customers may be willing to give you a shot based on your commitment to excellent service.
  5. Customers feel open to provide honest and upfront feedback. This insight is often inaccessible in any other manner.
  6. Your customers are reminded of your business and the diligence and all the hard work to meet their needs.
  7. As companies grow, the ownership and management may become distanced and isolated from what is happening on the front lines. A well implemented customer feedback program gives them the information they need to make insightful decisions.